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Welcome to Studios O.S.A.A.T.

Together we’ll get there.
One Step At A Time.

We are a small indie team from Montreal city and we have been working together since 2019. Together we will strive to help out and inspire the next generation of game developers.

Soul Cipher: The Code Within is on Steam

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Development updates

Dev Log #24 A new member joins our team

Hello all! We are proud to announce our new artiste that joins our ranks! Meet Nicolas Côté Brossard the animator! He is in the process of upgrading all our core animation to make the movements more dynamic. Furthermore we can now show you all the splendid work that has been happening in our DEN :D.…

Dev Log #23 New Gadgets and more

Hello all! Another achievement in our community! Thank you all for the continued support! It really helps us with our motivation to accomplish this great challenge we gave ourselves. Here we are showcasing a new threat you will face in our world. Meet the Samu, based on a original mesh we had made in our…

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