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Hey Devs! Welcome to the community hub help work from yours truly (Jérémie) AKA Deathscyp from Y.C.G (Your casual gamer) Deathscyp Factory!

Unreal engine 4 really did a great move when they went public and now it is more possible then ever to create your own worlds and/or games. Since so many out there in the existing community of UE4 helped me get to where I am today it was only fair that I give back to the community and I hope to be able to continue doing so for many years to come.

Season 1

Welcome to my unreal engine 4 tutorials series called Deathscyp Factory . In the first season all you need to know to get started is basic navigation in Ue4 View-port editor and I pick up from there. Engine version is 4.12.4 but do not worry, all that you will learn here is the same in newer versions except for matinee which has been replaced by sequencer. (An episode was made to replace the matinee tutorial that you can access in the description of the intro of matinee episode in season 1).

Season 2

Now that you got a good ideal how to move around and do some basic blueprinting in Ue4, it’s time to kick it up a notch! In this season we start going deeper in the engine core functions, level streaming methods, particle systems, material editing/creation, sound Fx and cue editing, Umg editor and mesh import/export. Furthermore , we start making all kinds of little visual codes in Blueprint like, life bar/stamina system, camera shake, spike traps, light procedure, basic lift with customized variables and many more! Engine version is 4-14.3 In this season.

Season 3 (Still in progress ATM)

Alright now that we got most of the basics in place. We can start learning more complex codes and functions. Eventually to be able to make a game in 3d, you need to master the time it takes to make everything. In this season we start breaking down the fundamentals of making a game. How to create the levels and programs and how to make sure to stay smart about space management and efficiency of workload. With that state in mind, we will still learn many new basic’s since the engine offer quite a lot of material to help you make you game.
Here are a few highlights : Material texture maps , destructible mesh, physic materials, check point system, blend space 1d and sequencer. Engine version is 4.17.2 in this season with occasional 4.23.1 for some tutorials.

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