Jeremie Bonneau A.K.A j-dog or Deathscyp

Hello! I have been studying and learning how to make video games for all my life. But since most people around me always encouraged me to carry other avenues in life, I always put my dream of creating my own worlds and games to the side. Now it’s been 9 years since I turned my back on everything that was stopping me from working toward my dreams. And in that time, I’ve explored small Java scripts to RPG maker, then to UE4 and many 3d software and even a bit of C++. My dream is to have my own heroes brought to life and have the public fall in love with them and their environment.
I’ve been searching for too long when the answer was in front of me all along. It’s time now!

Guillaume-Fournier A.K.A Fougui

“It’s dangerous to go alone !” – Unnamed Old Man (The Legend of Zelda – 1985)

It’s been a long and mysterious road for me to end up in video game production. I have done many things before getting to where I am today. Some related, some not so much. Cinema, Drawing, Languages, Writing. For a long time, I have longed to find my passion, but couldn’t quite put the pin on it. Until I’ve finally embraced my gamer side, and that, unconsciously, all of the decisions I had made so far in my life led me to this very special form of Art. It just made sense in the end when you put it all together : I was meant for this life. It is now up to me to make it happen !

I have a large track record of gaming experience in many genres. Among my favorites are Hack and Slash, (J)RPG and Horror games in many different types of settings such as Fantasy, Sci Fi, Post-apocalyptic worlds. More of a modern gamer, I do occasionally like a retro game to rediscover the roots of video games. I take my inspirations largely from my all-time favorite series The Legend of Zelda (could you imagine a world without Link ?…) and Metal Gear Solid (…or without Kojima?).

The bar is high in this world, and I hope I will ever be able to soar over it to create new classics for you to enjoy and love. My dream would be to have one of my personally created characters be turned into a Super Smash Bros fighter !

Gabriel Jean (Musical artiste)

Hi, I first tried classical guitar at age 12 and never stopped. Since then, I started to play around with early music era as well as video game music and I tried to share it with as many people as possible. Over time, I started to compose by myself exploring several styles of game music. I hope people will be able to listen and appreciate the music I create.

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