Game Dev Log 2022

Hi and welcome to the O.S.A.A.T. Dev Team Log for 2022. Here we will be posting monthly game production updates and a short summary of the news surrounding our current projects and the team.

Dev Log #24 A new member joins the team

Hello all! We are proud to announce our new artiste that joins our ranks! Meet Nicolas Côté Brossard the animator! He is in the process of upgrading all our core animation to make the movements more dynamic.

Furthermore we can now show you all the splendid work that has been happening in our DEN :D. We now have all the pieces for our second shop!. Meet Dot the scientist! She will be a great help for the cipher world!

We are now in the process of animating her. This is how the shop will look!

We hope to see you in the next one!

Dev Log #23 New Gadget and more

Hello all!

Another achievement in our community! Thank you all for the continued support! It really helps us with our motivation to accomplish this great challenge we gave ourselves.

Here we are showcasing a new threat you will face in our world. Meet the Samu, based on a original mesh we had made in our school year by one of our old classmate. We made a new improved, bad ass version of it (in blue) of the old model (In red).


Newly made and in the progress of the making is our save state menu. We wanted to share this easy but lengthy process with you and all it’s glory.

And finally to leave you with a nice little treat, here is yet another great concept made by our friend Frederic Bertrand-Hudon . You will find great lore about the Zanatar Bastion in the world of Soul Cipher.

Dev Log #22 Community advancement

Hello all!Happy to tell you all we’ve hit a new frontier in our community on Twitter. We want to take the time to thank you all for following our progress and helping us bring this project to life. A big shout out to the group of IndieLegion . They bring together many indie devs that want to shine and help them do so with a lot of support. Here are the news from our caves here at studio O.S.A.A.T. We showed you our concept for our shop called : The Hack Brothers. We are glad to show you the shop in completion and into the game!

Furthermore, this shop will need an NPC for it. Enters Hack, one of the hack brothers that will assist you on your quest. They are scrap junkers and tech heads that can pretty much craft anything if they have the schematic, that is. We are now in the process of making its rig and animation so we can bring him in the world of SoulCipher.

Finally, we wanted to leave you with a nice shot of the new transfer station we made for the R.T.C area… did someone say it’s teleport time?

Meet Frédéric Bertrand-Hudon, our new concept artist that joined our team for an internship.
He has an amazing portfolio you can go check out (His Twitter : and his art station: here is a few great concepts he made for us so far :D.

We are very grateful for his help to get some amazing visuals for our game 🙂 . Speaking of great stuff, here is some of the current work in Studios O.S.A.A.T. :

We are done with this new armor piece for a new key character for our game, can’t wait for you to meet her ;). The generator is a asset that was forgotten in a folder that we just picked back up and finished. Hope you enjoy the visuals as we are advancing towards a playable demo for you.

To finish up we present you our latest scene in development, the world is about to come alive :D. Will you turn on the power?

Dev Log #20 Alive for a new year! 😀 (First of the year)

1- We have reached our first goal of 100 followers on twitter ! Thank you all for the amazing support 🙂 . We aim to reach the metroidvania fanbase to build a strong community around our game Soul Cipher: The Code within.

Next: We have a new armor to enhance a character in our game and we wanted to share the latest development on it :). We are now ready to send it to the painting engine so we can then add it to the game 🙂

Finally, it is time to connect everything in the world and start making the game playable so that we can come up with a demo soon. We are now glad to say that we are moving forward with the gameplay and progression of the game. Here are a few assets that we have built to start giving more interaction to the players and to replace old placeholder in the world. Cheers!

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