Game Dev Log 2022

Hi and welcome to the O.S.A.A.T. Dev Team Log for 2022. Here we will be posting monthly game production updates and a short summary of the news surrounding our current projects and the team.

Dev Log #20 Alive for a new year! 😀 (First of the year)

1- We have reached our first goal of 100 followers on twitter ! Thank you all for the amazing support 🙂 . We aim to reach the metroidvania fanbase to build a strong community around our game Soul Cipher: The Code within.

Next: We have a new armor to enhance a character in our game and we wanted to share the latest development on it :). We are now ready to send it to the painting engine so we can then add it to the game 🙂

Finally, it is time to connect everything in the world and start making the game playable so that we can come up with a demo soon. We are now glad to say that we are moving forward with the gameplay and progression of the game. Here are a few assets that we have built to start giving more interaction to the players and to replace old placeholder in the world. Cheers!

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