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Studios O.S.A.A.T.
Based in Montreal, QC, Canada

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Soul Cipher : The Code Within is a 2.5D side-scroller metroidvania inspired game that takes place in a futuristic world called Defteros. Previously controlled by humans, it was abandoned due to recent events. Some remained, but were forced to hide underground, since a new threat corrupted the NET, gaining control over most machines inside the V.I.R.U.S. Compound, turning them against all livings. Awake as a military grade sentient robot from the EXO series, in a strange deserted facility. Alone, you will have to uncover the mystery of your creation and the purpose of your awakening while you explore the ruins of a forsaken world ran by corrupted machines.


We are a new formed indie team, connected through our passion of video games. We have been working together for 2 years now.  Each of us had been individually learning how to make video games for multiple years. Soul Cipher is our first professional challenge as a team. A Metroidvania inspired game was an obvious choice for us, as we are huge fans of the genre, but we wanted to add our own touch with a 3D modern style.


  • Prepare yourself for an action packed platformer that will challenge you in our original modern take on the classic Metroidvania genre.
  • Travel and backtrack across the vast V.I.R.U.S. Compound divided in over a dozen beautiful sci-fi modern areas that reflects the function of each biome.
  • Dodge, block, push, kick, and charge your way through the facility and its hordes of defect machines.
  • Upgrade your abilities that will diversify your gameplay options.
  • Equip and upgrade helmets, armors and special modules to balance your stats.
  • Find new weapons to add to your arsenal and combine them with Power Nodes to create unique attacks.
  • Find many allies around the compound who will help you through your quest. Shop and customize your gear through the friends you make along the way, or fulfill their requests for goodies.
  • Over 70 custom made 3D enemies and mini-bosses with unique abilities that will evolve as you advance through the game.
  • Face off against over 10 epic bosses that will challenge your new found skills.
  • Restore the forgotten tech through schematics and recover artifacts.
  • Re-establish the NET by facing off against the Cipher Guardians in their digital realm and in the process, restore the Soul Cipher.
  • Original soundtrack fully composed in-house by Gabriel Jean.


Soul Cipher: The Code Within – Teaser Trailer Jan 2022




Additional Links

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Original Soundtrack samples
Soul Cipher SoundCloud (coming soon)

Soul Cipher Credits

Jérémie Bonneau | Founder
UE4 engineer, environmental artist and sound FX artist

Guillaume Fournier | Partner
Concept artist, character designer and lead animator

Gabriel Jean | Partner
Music composer

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