Dev Log #23 New Gadgets and more

Hello all!

Another achievement in our community! Thank you all for the continued support! It really helps us with our motivation to accomplish this great challenge we gave ourselves.

Here we are showcasing a new threat you will face in our world. Meet the Samu, based on a original mesh we had made in our school year by one of our old classmate. We made a new improved, bad ass version of it (in blue) of the old model (In red).


Newly made and in the progress of the making is our save state menu. We wanted to share this easy but lengthy process with you and all it’s glory.

And finally to leave you with a nice little treat, here is yet another great concept made by our friend Frederic Bertrand-Hudon . You will find great lore about the Zanatar Bastion in the world of Soul Cipher.

Catch you in the next one! Cheers!

If you want to be more up to date with our dev work, we are more active on twitter,Facebook and Instagram.

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