Dev Log #21 Lots of news and a new ally

Meet Frédéric Bertrand-Hudon, our new concept artist that joined our team for an internship.
He has an amazing portfolio you can go check out (His Twitter : and his art station: here is a few great concepts he made for us so far :D.

We are very grateful for his help to get some amazing visuals for our game 🙂 . Speaking of great stuff, here is some of the current work in Studios O.S.A.A.T. :

We are done with this new armor piece for a new key character for our game, can’t wait for you to meet her ;). The generator is a asset that was forgotten in a folder that we just picked back up and finished. Hope you enjoy the visuals as we are advancing towards a playable demo for you.

To finish up we present you our latest scene in development, the world is about to come alive :D. Will you turn on the power?

If you want to be more up to date with our dev work, we started posting a lot more on twitter,Facebook and Instagram.

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